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Brews and Bruises Collection 1 at DiNK!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I'm working along here as con seasons starts kicking up into high gear! I am excited that this weekend I will be premiering Brews & Bruises Book Collection 1 at DiNK. It takes the three floppies and two mini comics (one of which is only in this book) and places it into one convenient collection. I am really pleased how it turned out and can't wait to start having it on hand for conventions going forward. I am also working on some new comic ideas, illustrations, and items that I can make using my shiny new Glowforge at home laser cutter. It's going to take some time getting exactly what I want, but all my tests so far have proved to be great and giving me a good direction to go with. I also have a couple more con dates. I have DiNK still this weekend, April 14 - 15, but will also now be at first year GainXP at the Omni Hotel near Flatirons Crossing, April 27 - 29, and will be at Gryphon Games and Comics for Free Comic Book Day on May 5. Looking forward to them and still working hard for DCC this June! We'll check in again next month!

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