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Denver Comic Con 2018

Hello everyone! I'm working my way through a bunch of new illustrations for Denver Comic Con 2018. I can't believe that it is just a little under a month away at this point, but I'm doing as much as I can to bring some new things for it.

I have expanded on my dragon terrarium series with 2 new pieces. This little blue dragon with wildflowers is one of the two new images I have created and I am very pleased with how it turned out!

I have also expanded my collection of RPG Equip! sets with 5 new additions to the lineup. I now have barbarian, warlock, monk, paladin, and cavalier to go along with the rest of the crew. This brings my total up to 15 separate classes for you to choose from! I'll be offering pick your own party packs of 5 classes as well as pre-assembled packs for your convenience!

I'm also hoping to have some new items that I've never had before at a convention. I have recently received my Glowforge (an at home laser cutter) and hope to have wood and acrylic pieces of my more popular terrarium and fantasy items. I can't wait to get those made as well and expand my selection of items. Check out my Twitter or Instagram @FernandFoil for more updates and previews!

I will also be tabling at Fort Collins Comic Con in August over the last weekend of the month, so I'm looking forward to it as well! Catch you next month!

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