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Post DCC

Hi everyone! I feel like I have finally completely recovered from tabling at Denver Comic Con over the Father's Day weekend. I had a really good time there and it was really nice to visit with all the people who stopped by my booth. I feel optimistic about next year and hope that I can get in again. I am happy that there was such a positive response to my work and I am looking forward to the future projects that I have in mind.

I currently have 15 different RPG Equip classes done and will probably try to do a couple more before the end of the year. I had a couple more Halloween inspired ones that I'd like to do this year that I didn't get a chance to last year. I also would like to do a few more terrariums with some new plants and arrangements. I love the ones I still have but a couple new ones to the mix I think would be very welcome. I'm also planning on doing a couple of short comic projects as my main focus for the rest of the year. I hope that I do well with them. I haven't had a chance to really dig in and focus on comic stuff since I finished my 8 page mini for my Brews and Bruises book release earlier this year.

Let's hope that the summer sun doesn't zap all my creative energy and that I come on strong into the fall. See everyone next time!

P.S. My next upcoming con is Fort Collins Comic Con, August 25-26. It's a growing favorite of mine, and I'll post more details in the coming couple of months!

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