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Successful Summer Con Season

Hello everyone! Had a very busy late spring and summer convention season, but have a little creation time coming up now for the fall. Hope things have been well with you all. I had a great time this year at Colorado Animfest, DPCC, and Fort Collins Comic Con! Got to talk to some old friends and make some new ones along the way. It has been a lot of fun talking with people about their current role-playing game campaigns. I have added a few more RPG Equip classes, like the artificer posted here. I hit 20 classes just in time for DPCC, so I think that's an accomplishment on my tenacity to stick with this series. I don't know how many more I'll do in the future, as I do still have a couple of ideas I'd like to try out, but I'm glad to do as many as I have in the last two years. I've been thinking that my next focus with this series may be to draw characters as these classes with the equipment, write some short stories to go with them, and have character sheets with their stats. It would mean a minimum of 20 new illustrations, and I don't know if it's the project I need to tackle right now, bu the idea of all of them collected into a beautiful art book has mean excited to try. My plan for this fall is to work on some short fantasy and horror comic ideas that I can make into small collections for any fall conventions and for conventions next year. I haven't done as much with comics as I would like since illustration projects have been the major thrust lately, but I'm eager to get started! I hope we all have a productive fall before our winter rest period. Thanks!

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