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Con Prep and Art Revisit

Crystal Courtyard - VG Terra Series - Final Fantasy Inspired

I've been working away for my late summer conventions and wish I had more to show, but a couple of my current projects are a lot of layouts so I don't have much to show of them until I finish the final product. The product is hopefully a couple of art books that are show casing my Swordtember projects from 2021 and 2022 and my Weapontember 2023 project as an old-school video game manual booklet.

I'm hoping that I can pull them off because right now the cost to get the minimum printed is a bit staggering for me and if they don't go over as well as I'd like, it's going to be a big hit. I've done a lot of good work on them though, so I'm thinking it is a risk I'm willing to take. I don't like to revisit artwork I've already done because it's easy to get stuck in a loop of continually working on the same pieces, but I was never quite satisfied with my VG Terra (Video Game Terrarium) Final Fantasy inspired one. Since I wasn't satisfied, I decided to paint it again here recently and am very happy with the new results! It just reads a whole lot cleaner to me and I feel like my color choices, plant selection, and attention to detail really shine in this new piece. I'm probably going to revisit my Legend of Zelda inspired one at least and do a couple of new ones based on other game series that I like. I'm hoping that I'll have them as new pieces in time for Fort Collins Comic Con this August and NDK over the Labor Day weekend.

I'm also hoping to have a few more sword stickers and possibly some weapon and wielder illustrations for my summer conventions, but we'll have to see how fast I can paint! Been having to do a lot of administrative things here this week and it's eaten into my painting time. Always got to wear a lot of hats as an independent artist, but I hope to get back at the painting soon!

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