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Gearing Up for Con Season

Hello everyone!

Finally feeling like I got my website back into a better working order and liking what I've done! Can't believe we're already a good third in through the new year. I've been slowly ramping up my time on working on art. The last few years have been rough for me and wanting to create things, but I've been feeling better about it as of late and am excited to work on some new project ideas that I've had for a little while.

Case in point, this featured piece of art is part of a series of four terrariums I plan on painting featuring the plants and flowers during the different seasons in Japan. The first one I stated with is summer with Japanese Iris and Japanese Painted Ferns. I had a lot of fun designing this one and really feel I executed it well. I also took inspiration from Hanafuda cards for the iris and the orange summer clouds on the top rim of the sake vessel inspired terrarium. I'm planning on doing winter, spring, and fall here soon and have ideas already what they'll contain and how I'd like them to look.

This is fitting because I'll be tabling this year at Nan Desu Kan over the Labor Day weekend! I'm super excited as I haven't tabled there since 2015 and it's a favorite con of mine. I'm looking forward too, to bringing these lovely Japanese Seasonal Terrariums to the show as I think they'll be a hit. At least I think so. I think I've got a good start! I'll be sure to post more news about this and works in progress over on my socials, so check those out.

I also have Wicked West Comic Expo in just under a month at The Ranch at the Budweiser Event Center up in Loveland, April 15 - 16! I'll have a few new stickers and hopefully a cool new zine with a TTRPG module and some goodies to go along with it. Please stop by and say hi and help this con get more on the map here in its second year.

I hope that spring treats you all well and I'll be back some time next month with a new post!

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