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Hi there! Feels like it has been forever since I've made some updates here and I'm not going to lie, the pandemic really did a number on my motivation and projects I was willing to tackle. I did work on things off and on, like the image I have posted here. This was a sketch from 2020 that I took to completion in gouache. It is a good luck image for a rogue, displaying a dagger and, yellow poppies, buttercups, wheat stalks, and laurel leaves. They are to bring good luck, wealth, prosperity, and fortune. I hope that these things are brought to you for the rest of your 2022. :)

I've slowly been getting the gears turning again over here and have started some new projects for my smaller con season this year. While I'm not doing a lot of conventions yet, I have started again. It feels good to be working towards con deadlines and to have some new projects in the works. I'm excited to start posting more as these projects come to be on my social media pages, so please check my Instagram for new images in the next few weeks. I have tabled already this year at Wicked West Con back in April and Free Comic Book Day in May. It was really good to get back to in person events and I had wonderful time at both getting caught up with familiar faces and meeting new ones! Cons have always been a source of inspiration for me, getting to see what my fellow creatives are also up too. It's great to see!

As I'm title implies though, I do have a couple more conventions coming up this season. I'll be at Fort Collins Comic Con on August 27 and 28 at the Northside Atzlan Community Center in Fort Collins, CO and then at Vin Con the Retro Video Game Con on October 1 and 2 at The Ranch at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, CO. I have some new products to release for both, including stickers, new laser cut products, and mini artbooks. I'm also hoping to have a few new fan art originals to sell for VinCon of some of my favorite video game characters. I also hope they are the crowds favorites too! I look forward to seeing people at these cons soon!

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