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I can't believe how fast time just seems to fly by during the times around conventions! One moment, we're making re-stock and doing some new projects, then the next you're at the event, and then in the recovery period and you realized it's been like three months!

Now we're in the projects and applying phase as my con season is probably done for the year until early next spring as long as the application gods smile upon the shows I'm applying for. I got some new things planned and I hope that this winter period will be a good time to push around some ideas and try some new things that will be good for my conventions but also just good for me as an artist.

Speaking of which, I wanted to share this piece that was a collaboration between me and my friend Laurissa. We have done a couple similar pieces with robots and plants, with me usually drawing the plants and Laurissa drawing the robots. This piece, we decided to stretch our ranges and I did the robot while they did the plants. Getting a shape that I like was difficult for me, but I think it turned out cute and I was able to keep a lot of the elements that I original had in mind, like the feet and the face and head shape. I also did the coloring on this piece, using Copic markers. I had a lot of fun coloring the passion fruit flowers and the fruits. I hadn't colored with markers for awhile, so it was really good to stretch those coloring muscles again. We've both been very pleased and excited how well that this new piece has been received at the shows we've had this summer and fall, so thank you everyone who expressed such warmth for this piece. We are planning on doing at least one more for this series and hopefully will have it for next con season!

Well, it's time for me to get back at it and will try to check in again next month! I've also linked my shop on my website for the first time as well and hope that it goes over well too! I have a lot of prints for sale. Thanks for your support and interest :)


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